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Organize Air
Air Tool Accessory


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Stop wasting time looking for your interchangeable air tools!

  • This time saving device keeps your air tools organized

  • Simple loading and retrieval of tools when you need them

  • Magnetic base attaches to metal surfaces

  • Rust proof and corrosion resistant

Rugged design - Holds up to 6 tools - Magnetic base

Can also be attached to wood or other surfaces.

This sensible tool has a magnetic base of adequate strength to hold the unit in place.


A loading and unloading port is provided so the disconnect plugs of the tool can be placed onto the pins, and then rotated into the locking channel.


A spring is used to control the rotation of the center hub. It may be rotated to the next pin, or stopped between pins to lock all tools in place.

Just $24.99!

Organize Air stores a variety of air tools, keeping them convenient and easy to find!

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