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Industrial Rotary Screw,
Air Compressors


  • a wide selection of parts & accessories 

  • personal & reliable, on time service

  • direct delivery to your location

  • a large, onsite inventory

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Inquire about what air compressor best suits your needs.

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Rotary Screw Compressors

  • 5 - 100 Hp

  • Airend Manufactured With German Rotary Screw Components

  • Spin On Separator

  • Spin On Oil Filter

  • Simplified Operation Controls

  • No Complicated Micro-Processor

  • Single Control Solenoid Operation

  • Ul Control Components

  • Omega Profile Rotors

  • Air / Oil Cooler

  • Easy To Remove Bolt On Oil Cooler Cleaning

  • Operation Pressure From

  • 100 - 190psi Available

  • Extended Oil Drain With Ball Valve

  • Easy To Read And Access Gauges

  • Factory Filled With Premium Synthetic Fluid

  • Asme Powder Coated Air Receiver

  • Heavy Duty Air Filter

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